02-06-2017Submitting Application for Special Allowances-Directions
02-06-2017Athletic Fund Collection 2017-18 Circular
02-06-2017Various Stamp distribution in Schools
02-06-2017Instructions to Headmasters on distribution of SSLC Card
01-06-2017പാഠപുസ്തക വിതരണം സംബന്ധിച്ച് - സ്കൂളുകള്‍ക്ക്
01-06-2017അത്‌ലറ്റിക് ഫണ്ട് ശേഖരണം സംബന്ധിച്ച് - സ്കൂളുകള്‍ക്ക്
01-06-2017ഹരിത പ്രോട്ടോക്കോള്‍ - സ്കൂളുകള്‍ക്ക്
31-05-2017സ്കൂള്‍ ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പദ്ധതി - നിര്‍ദ്ദേശങ്ങള്‍
29-05-2017ഹരിതകേരളം - എന്റെ മരം
29-05-2017പ്രീ മെട്രിക് സ്കോളര്‍ഷിപ്പ് 2016-17 - റിന്യൂവല്‍ വെരിഫികേഷന്‍
29-05-2017STD 2 to 10 വരെ റെകഗ്‌നൈസ്ഡ് സ്കൂളുകളില്‍ നിന്നും പൊതുവിദ്യാലയങ്ങളില്‍ ചേര്‍ക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
30-04-2017മധ്യവേനലവധി ക്ലാസുകള്‍ - കര്‍ശന വിലക്ക്
30-04-2017പുതുക്കിയ ഡിഎ ഉത്തരവ് - 55/2017
30-04-2017ഹൈസ്കൂള്‍ അധ്യാപക പരിശീലനം - വിശദാംശങ്ങള്‍
29-04-2017Price List: Text Books 2017
27-04-2017Health Insurance Scheme - Reg
21-03-2017If any Exams(1to9) is postponed in any reason..
21-03-2017HMs/AEOs Transfer and promotion Order
18-03-2017ഹൈ സ്കൂള്‍ കുട്ടിക്കൂട്ടം - പരിശീലനം: DPI Circular
08-03-2017SSLC - CWSN List Four
07-03-2017 DPC(Higher) 2017 - CR Details DPI ltr dtd 03-03-2017
07-03-2017Conducting Primary Classes during SSLC Exams
07-03-2017General Transfer of HM/AEO - Tamil Linguistic Minority
05-03-2017SSLC - CWSN List Three
02-03-2017Sarva Shiksha Trainers in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in variousPhase - Sanction accorded - Orders Issued
02-03-2017KTET - Exemption upto 31-03-2018 for teachers who appointed during 2016-17 order
02-03-2017SSLC - No change in Supervision Alowance, stationery and Contingency Charge- Govt Clarification
28-02-2017DA Arrear Merging - Time limit Extended
26-02-2017General Transfer - Revised Norms
23-02-2017Purchase of ICT equipments reg.
23-02-2017Linking Aadhar No.with Bank account reg.
23-02-2017Correction of Bank Account/Aadhar No. Prematric reg.
22-02-2017CWSN -Second List
20-02-2017Language Teachers re-deployment reg.
16-02-2017SSLC - IT Exam Circular 2017(Corrected)
15-02-2017SSLC/THSLC Grace Mark Uploading - Instruction
15-02-2017USS Exam - Instruction
15-02-2017Updation in Sampoorna - Important Instruction
15-02-2017CWSN -First List
15-02-2017Online Transfer - Circular
13-02-2017Posters against Smoking Prepared by GHSS, KattilangadiPoster 1 | Poster 2
06-02-2017Mid Day Meal Scheme - Changes in reporting Formats
06-02-2017Collection of Government Money through all Branches of E-Treasuries
06-02-2017Collection of Government Money through all Branches of E-Treasuries
06-02-2017Time limit Extented : Group Personal Accident Scheme
06-02-2017National Teachers Award:Nomination |Guidelines
01-02-2017Minority Pre Matric Verification
01-02-2017Hi Tec Schools - Pilot Program in 4 Constituencies
30-01-2017Hi Tec Schools - Contribution of Individual investments
28-01-2017Collection of details of Protected Teachers
28-01-2017Temporary stoppage of Kalippetty Book of Third Standard
25-01-2017Re-appointment of Protected Teachers to Parent Schools
22-01-2017Completing UID : Instructions
22-01-2017LP Level ICT Training and E Governance activities
20-01-2017LSS-USS Notification
15-01-2017Pledge -Pothuvidyabhyasa Samrakshana Yajnam
08-01-2017Approval of pending appointments in Aided schools - Letter from DPI
08-01-2017SSLC Model IT Exam - Guidelines
08-01-2017ഹായ് സ്കൂള്‍ കുട്ടിക്കൂട്ടം പദ്ധതി -Guidelines
08-01-2017Changes in SS Question pattern - SSLC 2017 onwards
21-12-2016Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test (K-TET) exemption Modification-Orders issued. GO(P)No.206-2016-G.Edn.
16-12-2016Second Term Examination for Art/W.Ex/Physical Education in Standard VIII
16-12-2016SCERT dirctions on Terminal Examination
16-12-2016Class arranged for HMs on the Data Entry for SSLC Examination in I-Exam Portal
14-12-2016Ernakulam District KalolsavamID Card Format(Official)
05-12-2016Non Spark bills : Permission to Processing the bills manually
04-12-2016Online Transfer of HM & AEOs
04-12-2016Haritha Kerala Mission 2016: Notification
01-12-2016Transfer of AA/AO/APFO
01-12-2016 Kerala State forward caste welfare corporation - Education Scholarship application
30-11-2016Disbursement of Salary to Employees -Directions form Treasury Director
30-11-2016Appointment of BRC Trainers in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in various Districts on deputation basis -III Phase
25-11-2016Instructions on GAIN PF | Circular
25-11-2016Date Extended for Payment of SSLC Fees with Fine
25-11-2016Provisional Seniority List of JD,DDE and DEO
25-11-2016Directions on the appointment of invigilators in PSC Examinations
20-11-2016State IT Fair : Schedule
20-11-2016Turn of PTA President Limited to 3 Years -Circular
20-11-2016Instructions on Transaction of Old Currencies in Government Offices
20-11-2016Payment of SSLC Fee to Treasury Date Extended
20-11-2016 Reporting vacancies of teachers post to PSC
20-11-2016Examination Concessions to CWSN in the SSLC 2017
20-11-2016Avoid Plastic - "Pothuvidhyabhyasa samrakshana mission"
19-11-2016Deployment of proctected teachers
19-11-2016Hi-Tech Schol Survey Training to SITC/HITC Instructions
18-11-2016Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme ( GPAIS ) Entry in Spark
16-11-2016 Hi Tech School - Guidelines and Survey Form for Govt and Aided Schools
14-11-2016Letter from PB Secretary - Sampoorna Updationof SSLC Students
13-11-2016Hi Tech School Approach Paper
10-11-2016Kozhikode Revenue District : ID Card | Program Notice | Booklet
10-11-2016Appointment of Aided School Teachers -Clarification -reg
10-11-2016Invited district wise Applications for BRC Trainers
10-11-2016Noon Meal Program : Clarifications from DPI to AEOs
10-11-2016IT Mela 2016 -Guidelines for conduct IT Fest for HS,HSS & VHSE Students
10-11-2016Special School Kalolsavam - Programme Schedule
10-11-2016Sainik Schools Entrance Exam 2017-18 Session
10-11-2016Provisional Seniority list of HM's for the period from 13.01.2011 to 03.12.2012 -Published -orders issued
10-11-2016Promotion, Transfer and Posting of officer to the cadre of DDE,APO,DEO
08-11-2016EOBC Prematric Scholarship: Notification
07-11-2016Ernakulam Revenue District Sasthrolsavam ID Card
Time Schedule : Maths Fair | Social Science | Science | IT | Work Experience
05-11-2016Departmental test- PSC Notification
04-11-2016Free Uniform Distribution - Directions -DPI
02-11-2016Nov.5: Cluster Training Directions -DPI
02-11-2016Kalolsavam fund raising reg. -DPI Circular
02-11-2016Broad bandInternet Connection to Primary Schools -DPI Circular
01-11-2016Pre-Matric Scholarship 2016-17 - Date Extended
31-10-2016നവംബര്‍ ൧: മലയാളദിന പ്രതിജ്ഞ
31-10-2016Second Terminal Examination December 2016
HS Section | LP/UP Section | LP/UP (Muslim school)
31-10-2016SSLC March 2017 Chief Supdt & Deputy Chief Supdt in GULF | Lakshadweep
31-10-2016Promotion & Transfer of HM/AEO : Promotion | Transfer
31-10-2016OBC Pre-Metric Scholarship 2016-17 Notification
31-10-2016Payment of Ex-gratia Allowance - Revised guide lines Issued.
27-10-2016IFMS - Submitting Grant in aid Bills online
26-10-2016Minority Pre matric scholarship -verification of online application
25-10-2016State Life Insurance (SLI) - Revised Monthly Premium as per the Salary Limits
25-10-2016Notifications published by Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan
24-10-2016National Savings Department - Renaming of 'Sanchayika Savings Scheme' as Student's Savings Scheme - Orders issued
24-10-2016Kerala State Literacy Mission authority-students in Attapadi region-equivalent course-to write exam-special permission granted
24-10-2016SSA - Appointment of BRC Trainers in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in various Districts on deputation basis II phase
24-10-2016 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio- Repayment to State Bank of India and Canara Bank - Monthly installments - payment for the month of October, 2016
24-10-2016Time bound higher grade to last grade employees in aided sector who relinquished promotion - clarification
24-10-2016School Uniform for 2016-17 Colour Codes
24-10-2016Special School (MR) -State Grant - Amount distribution
22-10-2016Circular - Conducting IT Mid Term Examination
21-10-2016Circular - Conducting IT Fair
21-10-2016Competition on Children's Day Stamp designing
21-10-2016Strict Circular against new Pr-primary Schools started after 07.12.2012
21-10-2016 November 1- Malayalam Bharanabhasha Vaaram
18-10-2016Minority Pre- Matric scholarship -Userid/Password -reg
18-10-2016ICT Training to LP teachers 2016 -17 - Guidelines
17-10-2016Recovery of Excess salary drawn by Protected teachers and non-teaching staff: GO
15-10-2016Numats Examination for the students from STD VI
14-10-2016APJ Abdul Kalam Pledge on World Students' Day, October 15
14-10-2016October 15 Working Day for Schools
14-10-2016Approval for creating Teaching-non teaching post for schools which renamed as RMSA aided Govt. schools
14-10-2016Directions from DPI: Conducting Quiz reg. Sasthrolsavam
09-10-2016Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS) Extended for the year 2017 - Circular
09-10-2016DPI Circular about School Sasthrolsavam 2016-2017
08-10-2016Invalid Pension for Part-Time Contingent Employees - Enhanced - Orders issued
07-10-2016Study report conducted by eighth joint review mission-for effective functioning of mid day meal project-joint review mission constituted-orders issued
07-10-2016 Appointment of specialist teachers according to the guidelines of Ministry of HRD
07-10-2016House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees 2016-17 - Combined State-wise Seniority List - Published
07-10-2016UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) and SDMIS (Students Data Management Information System)
07-10-2016Online Submission of Grant-in-Aid bills in respect of institutions whose bills are countersigned at Department level - Clarification - Orders issued
07-10-2016Newly Selected Master Trainers List : it@School
04-10-2016Computer Teachers in Government/Aided Schools
04-10-2016Pay Revision 2014 - Reversion of Selection Grade Typist to Senior Grade Typist - Fixation of pay - Clarification issued
04-10-2016Addition and deletion in the list of exam centers for Standard Xth Equivalency 2016
01-10-2016Implementation of accidental insurance claim project for school students through General Education Director - Cancelling the prior decision of implementation through through State Insurance Department- orders issued
01-10-2016Promotion,Transfer and Posting of DDEs sanctioned
01-10-2016Family Pension- Eligible children happen to be multiple birth- modification- Orders issued.GO(P)No.139-16
01-10-2016Family Pension for life time to the unmarried daughters of decreased Government servants- modified-Order
01-10-2016HSST Junior post-by transfer appointment-order amended G.O(P)No.144-2016-G.Edn
01-10-2016Gandhi Jayanthi Week Observation - Pledge - Press Release
30-09-2016Wild Life Week Observation - Circular & Pledge
30-09-2016Ente Maram Padhathi : Instructions for Implementation of VII Phase
29-09-2016Staff Fixation 2016-17 - UID Entry - Regarding
28-09-2016Accomodation of the teachers who are included in the deployment list of 2015-16 to their parent school on the basis of UID strength 2016-17
28-09-2016Maternity leave sanction - Clarification dtd 05-08-2016
27-09-2016State Level Competition on Inspire Exhibition
27-09-2016National Level Role Play Competition Instructions
26-09-2016General Education Dept-3% reservation for physically challenged in aided school vacancies as per section 33 of PWD Act 1995.GO(Ms)No.155-16.
26-09-2016Maintenance of Acquittance roll and cash book in offices - Detailed instructions
26-09-2016Inclusion of KTET as a mandatory qualification for the appointment of teacher posts in Govt Schools
22-09-2016Free Uniforms for All
22-09-2016Tet Books : Second Volume Regarding
21-09-2016History Quiz for High School Students
21-09-2016First Term Evaluation - Guidelines from SSA - Additionial Instructions
10-09-2016Revision of TA Ceiling of State Employees GO
09-09-2016Re Deployment of protected teachers - Important order dt.08/09/16
09-09-2016Text Book - e monitoring by it@school reg.
08-09-2016DPI Circular : Guest teachers in place of it@school Master Trainers
08-09-2016Festival Allowance claims of Temporary Employees are exempted from SPARK Bills. Circular No. 299373-SL3-2016-FIN dtd 05.09.2016.pdf
07-09-2016DPI Instruction - ONAM Sp. Rice reg
07-09-2016Appointment of BRC Trainers
06-09-2016Compassionate allowance for the dependants of NPS Scheme
06-09-2016Filling up of HM post in Kannada Predominant area
06-09-2016Mid Day Meal - Cooking charges nd contigent charges increased
05-09-2016Constitution of Technical Committee - IT@school Project
05-09-2016Bravery Award 2016 : Circular No:N2/41430/2016/DPI
05-09-2016Ratio promotion on Rs 40500 -85000 to the officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents and equated categories
05-09-2016 Transfe rand Posting of officers in the cadre of Personal Assistant to DEOs
05-09-2016 Transfer and Posting of the cadre of Senior Superintendents
05-09-2016Quarterly Exam-Important Instruction about STD I & II
05-09-2016Application for the Post of Master Trainers in IT@School
03-09-2016Teachers State Awards 2015-2016 : Press release | List of Teachers | Teacher's Day Message
01-09-2016Bonus/Special Festival Advance 2016 : GO(P)No.130/2016/Fin Dated 01/09/2016 | Cabinet Note
01-09-2016Onam Advance 2016; Sanctioned: GO(P)No 129/2016/Fin Dated 01/09 /2016 | Cabinet Note
01-09-2016Directions about the Onam Celebrations in office time
01-09-2016Pre Matric Scholarship for handicapped children - 2016 - 17
01-09-2016Directions on Salary for Protected Staff (Updated with Endorsement)
31-08-2016Date of Change in First Terminal Examination arranged on September 2
31-08-2016Directions, Syllabus and Model Question Paper for General knowledge instead of SSLC Hindi Examination
31-08-2016Onam Festival 2016 -Supply of 5KG rice for school children under noon meal scheme
31-08-2016Sanction for getting admission for STD 9 & 10 in recognized school for children who have studied STD 8 & 9 in unrecognized schools
31-08-2016Financial Support to Children with Annual Income Less than 75000 who had participated in Kalolsavam 2015-16
30-08-2016School Mapping - Disposal of objections filed against the notofication: Circular | Proforma | School Mapping,School Upgradation
30-08-2016 ICT Training to teachers for the year 2016 -17
30-08-2016Minority Pre-Matric Date Extended
30-08-2016Rice Distribution for school children
30-08-2016Cash Award to Students who participated in Kalolsavam - 2016
30-08-2016E Mail ID updation of Teachers in E Sampark Portal
27-08-2016HS Time Table (Revised)) | UP/LP Time Table | LP/UP Section(Muslim Schools)
27-08-2016Handloom week celebration
27-08-2016ICT details of Govt/Aided Schools
27-08-2016DPI Circular about Primary Sanskrit Examination
27-08-2016DPI Circular about Ramanujan Paper Presentation and Bhaskaracharya Seminar
25-08-2016Circular : Saturday (27.8.2016) will be a working day for Schools
25-08-2016K-TET Notification
25-08-2016First Terminal Examination : SSA Directions
23-08-2016 Promotion and Posting of officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEOs/TTIs and equated categories
22-08-2016Teachers' role in the Awareness of Vaccinations
22-08-2016Special Assembly on 2016 August 23.08.2016 at 11am
22-08-2016Clarification on Gain PF ABCD Statement
22-08-2016Basic Data Collection - Part Time Instructor's Appointment: Circular | Proforma
22-08-2016Bharana Bhasha Puraskaram : Notification
22-08-2016How to generate Daily Wages bills from Spark
17-08-2016B Ed Equivalency of LTTC/DLED (Arabic,Urdu,Hindi) Cancelled - Orders issued
16-08-2016Pension - Prior service in Aided school/College of the Aided School/ College Staffs - Declared non qualifying service for pension -Modification - Orders issued
16-08-2016Verification of Service Book of Senior Clerks: Circular | Service Card
16-08-2016Unaided schools list from sampoorna
12-08-2016 Re-arrangement of Headmasters to parent department after the completion of other duties
11-08-2016 Proposal of New SSLC Exam Centres and Clubbing of Schools - Circular&Application Form
11-08-2016Chingam 1 -Jaiva Vaividhyapark
10-08-2016Transfer and Posting of Clerks to the Directorate -Order
08-08-2016Temporary appointment of Teachers on Daily wages 2016 -17
10-08-2016Staff fixation 2016-2017 | GO about the deployment of Protected teachers and Staff fixation | Staff Fixation -Sanction of Appointment - Uneconomic Schools-
08-08-2016Safety Measures for School Buses
08-08-2016Group Insurance Scheme - Reclassification of scale of pay of Groups and Revision of of rate of subscription
08-08-2016General Education Department-SSA-CWSN resource teacher-reappointment sanctioned-orders issued
06-08-2016Class Monitoring form and self assessment form for Headmaster (QIP Published on 2014)
05-08-2016Application invited for grant in aid 2016 -17 - Financial assistant to institutions providing care for mentally challenged
05-08-2016Incentive to Girls 2016-17 Date Extended to Aug 17 Circular
05-08-2016Incentive to Girls 2014-15Instruction to update SSLC Details before Aug 31
02-08-2016Teachers Day Celebrations Competitions to Teachers
02-08-2016Price List of ICT Text Books and Other Volume II Books
30-07-2016Swachch Vidyalaya Puraskar Circular
30-07-2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents
30-07-2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Personal Assistant to District Educational Officer on Rs 20740 -36140
30-07-2016Clarification from DPI on appointments in Uneconomic Schools
30-07-2016Revised Circular on CV Covers & Answer Sheets of SSLC/HSS
30-07-2016Organising Programs on International Youth Day
30-07-2016Science Seminar 2016-17 Instructions
30-07-2016Instructions & Guideline for conducting Science Drama 2016-17
30-07-2016Eurika Sasthrakeralam Examination
28-07-2016Extension of date for the submission of Application for 2016-17 for House Building Advance to State Government Employees and Teachers
28-07-2016School Parliament Election 2016-17
28-07-2016Transfer and posting of HMs/AEOS/TTIs
28-07-2016Relinquishment Order
28-07-2016RMSA -Deputation vacancies Notification
28-07-2016Prematric Scholarship for Minority :Login | Guidelines | DPI Circular
20-07-2016NTSE/NMMS NOTIFICATION : Notification (Eng) | Notification (Mal) | Online Payment for NTSE
20-07-2016Approval of relinquishment of AEOs and HMs.
20-07-2016DPI Circular about the One day Training for SITC
20-07-2016Corrections STD VI Malayalam (AT) | Corrections STD IX Malayalam Scheme of Work
18-07-2016Atal Innovation Mission
16-07-2016Computer Hardware Clinic - for all GOVT , AIDED , High schools and Higher Secondary , VHSE Schools
16-07-2016Request and Govt Order on Sugama Hindi Pareeksha
16-07-2016DPI Circular about First Term Question Paper Preparation Shilpasala for LP and LP, UP Arabic
16-07-2016Transfer and Postings - Note ( DPI)
16-07-2016Noon Meal Cooks Wages Hiked with retrospective effect
16-07-2016Deduction of LIC premium of Aided School employees through SPARK - Approved - Orders issued
16-07-2016DPI Circular on Question Paper indent for First Term Exam
16-07-2016Lumpsum Grant Rates Enhanced by 25% - CIRCULAR
16-07-2016National Scheme of Incentive to girls for Secondary Education 2016-2017: DPI Circular | Instruction | Website
14-07-2016Confirmation of attendance on Independence Day and Republic Day
14-07-2016Instructions for conducting Medical camps for IEDS Childern
14-07-2016Lumpsum Grant rates enhanced by 25% - order
12-07-2016Arabic Talent Examination in Schools
12-07-2016HM - Higher Secondary Principal Promotion -reg
12-07-2016Social offense and Punishments against Children
08-07-2016DPI (Internal Audit Section) Guidelines and functioning of School PTA
08-07-2016RMSA -Application inviting for Assistant Project Officer on deputation basis
08-07-2016RMSA -Application inviting for Assistant Project Officer on deputation basis
08-07-2016Pay Revision 2014- Footwear Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees- Sanctioned-Orders issued.
08-07-2016One Office one DDO-Drawal of last pay of gazetted officers and claiming arrears of retired gazetted officers without pre-check
08-07-2016ORC(Our Responsibility to Child) Calendar 2016-17
06-07-2016Ed-UL-Fitr: Declaration of Holiday to schools on 07/07/2016
06-07-2016Application invited for the post of Resource Teachers on contract basis -IEDSS -2016 -17
Press Release | Guidelines | Application Form |
06-07-2016GAIPF- Processing of PF claims of employees-permission for manual sanction-reg
06-07-2016GainPF: Online submission of grant-in-aid bills-Relaxation allowed-reg
06-07-2016Letter from Balavakasa Commission about the functioning of SMC and SMDC
02-07-2016Transfer,Promotion and Posting of ADPI/JD/JC/DDE/DEO - Charge arrangement | Charge Arrangement
02-07-20166th Working Day Online Data Entry Extended upto July 7
29-06-2016Pay revision 2014 - Crediting of salary arrears to Government Account - New head of account opened - Instructions Issued
25-06-2016UID based Staff Fixation - Teachers should update Sampoornna before June 30
22-06-2016Sanskrit Education Development : formation of Academic Council
22-06-2016OEC Prematric Scholarship 2016-2017 : Circular and Sample Application Form | Data Entry Website
22-06-2016Gain PF : Circular about Error Reporting | Instructions to HM | Notes to AEO/DEO | Excel Proforma
20-06-2016Staff Fixation 2015 -16 -Inform vacancies to PSC
20-06-2016Muthoot Excellence Award
17-06-2016General transfer & posting of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEOs/TTIs and equated categories
17-06-2016Tranfer and Posting of Heads of Panchayath High Schools 2016-17
17-06-2016RTE Implementation Committee - reconstituted
16-06-2016PTA AWARD 2015 -16 - Instructions
16-06-2016General Education Department- teachers appointed for the year 2015-16-K-TET examination-relaxation till 2018-sanctioned G.O(P)No.99-2016-GAD
16-06-2016Text Book - Instruction to School HM and SITS
16-06-2016KSR - 10th Pay Revision - Promotion from the post of Junior Superintendent (HG)/equated categories to the post of Senior Superintendent/equated categories - Fixation of Pay - Option granted
15-06-2016School Building Safety
15-06-2016Joseph Mundassery Award 2016-17 : Instructions
13-06-2016Kerala Teachers Award 2016-2017 - Instructions
13-06-2016Transfer and Posting of Officers- HM
13-06-2016International yoga day celebration
13-06-2016Education Calendar 2016-2017
10-06-2016Notification - List of localities where educational need is proven
10-06-2016Notification - DLED (Hindi) Course 2016-2017
10-06-2016Fund Collection- Instructions for Collecting Funds from Class 9 & 10
10-06-2016DPI Circular on Revenue to Sub-District Sport Secretaries
10-06-2016Directions on Cleanliness Drive Program arranged by Swatch Bharath Mission- Pledge on June 13
07-06-2016Observance of Reading Week 2016
07-06-2016Text Book Indenting -Volume II Text Books
06-06-2016Sixth Working Day on Muslim Schools
06-06-2016Sixth Working Day -Clarification on SEBC Community
06-06-2016Sixth Working Day 2016-2017
06-06-2016Staff Fixation 2016-2017
06-06-2016List of Localities having a proven educational need as revealed under School Mapping
04-06-2016Circular on Sixth working Day Details Uploading
03-06-2016June 5 - World Environment Day : Education Minister's Message | Circular | Pledge | Action Plan
03-06-2016Admission of Students without Insisting TC
03-06-2016General Transfer for HM/AEO
03-06-2016Re-appointment under Rule 8 of Part II KS and SSRs, 1958- Clarification